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Hydro Excavating & Sewer Jet Work Services

Hydro Excavating

With the emergence of the digital age, with high speed internet and the requirements regarding the ever expanding gas services, has come the demands regarding non abrasive excavation.  The Trenchess Guys offer the option of excavating around these stressful utilities by means of water and vacuum, eliminating the possibility of damaging them.

Catch Basin, Manholes and Lift-station Vacuuming and Cleaning

We offer the service of cleaning and vacuuming out of catch basin, lift stations and manholes on a regular schedule for the contractor, counties or small utility companies. We provide steam cleaning of grease and the ability to vac the debris and build up found in these systems.  

Jetting of Sanitary and Storm Drain Systems

We provide jet vac cleaning of both large and small drain lines both sanitary and storm systems. We are able to do jet distances of 500-600 ft and pull the debris back to the entrance point to be vacuumed out and removed, preventing the material from being pushed farther down the line. 

Manhole Grouting & 
Sectional Lining Services in North Central Ohio

Cameraing and videoing of sewer lines.

We also provide the option of not only locating the infiltration problems but also offer various technologies to seal off the infiltration. With the use of closed cell grout we force the grout behind the manholes at 1500-2000 psi and it expands behind the wall and fills the void and seals off the infiltration. We also are able to seal off moving streams of water with a fast 20 second sealing grout. With short linings installed with flow through packer carriers quite often we can repair sections of damaged pipe without shutting down service or requiring a pump around setup.   

Televising of Sanitary and Storm Lines

We offer the capability of televising of both Storm and Sanitary sewer lines from 4” up to 36” in diameter. This allows us to pinpoint deterioration and also areas of infiltration. We also are able to map out from above ground the location of taps, lateral locations, missing manholes and other areas of concern. Lateral launch cameras to provide survey of the lateral from main.

We also provide the technology of lateral launching a camera from the main sanitary to perform inspections of the tap and laterals from the home. This also allows us to get a depth reading on the lateral from above the ground and mark its location for the Contractor or Municipality. With the new requirement of pre and post inspections of sanitary laterals for direction boring work, the ability to locate and mark the lateral has become more and more of a necessity.  

Cameraing and videoing TVing of sewer lines
Hydro Excavating & Sewer Jet Work
Manhole Groutng & Sectinal Linings
Tlevisig of Sewer Lines
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