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Trenchless Bursting Replacement

The Bursting process allows for the mechanical replacement of a sewer line by means of forcing a wedged head through the old pipe and pulling a new HDPE line along behind at the same time. This process is utilized when the existing drain line is collapsed and deteriorated to the point that there is no other viable options.


We use either a rod or cable to pull the burst head depending on the application. The cable is able to pull a new pipe back around fittings and 45 degree bends but is limited in length and strength. With the rod burster we can push forward and bore a hole where no line has been and the pull back a new water or sewer line. Depending on soil conditions bursting can usually upsize the pipe one size.


With the rod systems we are able to bore new water services in from the basement of a typical home out to the Curb valve beside the street and minimize excavation. We are also able to perform pit bores on grade for the installation of new Sewer Laterals under City streets and Roads.


The Rod systems have capabilities of lines 100’-400’ with sizes up to 8” and 10”.

The Cable systems are used on lines 2”-6” and are limited to lengths of around 140’-145’

Satisfaction Guarantee

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