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Trenchless Sewer Pipe Relining & Bursting
in Wooster, Ohio.

At The Trenchless Guys we are dedicated to our customers satisfaction from the moment you call, to the completion of every project we strive to exceed your expectations. We have served the residential & commercial plumbing needs of the residents of Wooster and surrounding Ohio areas for over 20 years and have specialized in trenchless sewer line repair, pipe relining & pipe bursting services for over 4 years. Call us today for fast, friendly and affordable service.

Gone are the days when a sewer line repair or replacement meant extreme damage to your home or businesses landscape and potentially several days of downtime. The evolution of sewer system repair has brought with it trenchless technology. With the new technology comes with it less downtime and more importantly less damage to your property, which in turn saves you time and money. We can now replace a sewer or gas line with minimal obstruction to your property or repair a pipe by simply finding the crack or holes using our video inspection equipment. Call us today and find out why The Trenchless Guys are one of the most referred companies in Wooster and North Central Ohio!

What trenchless repair or replacement options do you offer in Wooster Ohio?
The two options we use for trenchless repairs or replacements are pipe relining and pipe bursting. While both of these options are no dig pipe repair services one is used for repair & maintenance while the other is used for replacement services.

Pipe relining service is for repairing cracks and/or holes within the pipeline that if not fixed immediately can cause larger more costly repairs in the future. With this option we inspect the pipes, clean them from end to end and fill them will a liquid produced specifically for pipe repairs. The liquid then seals all cracks and holes it comes across. We than will proceed with lining the pipe to make it stronger and more durable than before.

Pipe bursting services on the other hand is for a complete sewer or gas pipe line replacement. With this option we use our trenchless machine to break the current pipe and lay the replacement line inside leaving the old pipe to compose within the soil.

Both of these options can help you save time & potentially money on both repairs & replacements. Trenchless services can also save you the frustration of having your property dug up, and in most cases having to be replaced altogether. Call us today and one of our friendly & licensed technicians will come out to your home or business and do an evaluation of your current pipes and let you know the best direction to go in regards to repairing or replacing completely.

The Trenchless Guys specialize in both residential & commercial trenchless pipe relining & pipe bursting services in Wooster & surrounding Ohio areas. We offer free estimates and up front pricing.

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