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Cure-in-Place CIPP Linings and Repairs

The Cure-In-Place process of replacing drain lines quickly provides a permanent
repair in a fraction of the time as what conventionally digging up and replacing a
line can do.

A typical CIPP job starts with first getting a camera in the the line to get a good
look at it to verify lining is the best option and measure to get real lengths for
pricing. Many times to get a good look at the line we need to Jet and clean the
line beforehand. Many times the build up and deterioration in old steel lines is so
bad that we need to cut an access into the line in order to clean the rust and
debris out and allow us to see the entire line.

The amount of necessary cleaning and descaling varies with each line based
upon the age and condition. For Clay tile lines we usually have to use the Water
Jetting Root heads to carefully clear all the root growth out of the line. With old
steel lines we usually find them so heavily built up that we first have to descale
the line with our Picote machines and then use a High Pressure water jet to
remove the build up out of the line.

After the lines are cleaned and prepared we cut the liner to the exact length and
size of the line. We mix the resins based upon the size and length and saturate
the liner with resin. We then use air to invert the liner down the prepared host
pipe and immediately insert a calibration tube (like a balloon) in the center of the
liner which holds the liner round and in place until it cures. After liner has cured
we remove the calibration tube from the new line and re-plumb the line and
return it to service. Line can be put into service immediately after it has cured.
The finished result is a seamless line from point A to point B.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our experienced professionals will guide you through your options after a thorough evaluation and keep you informed  about the progress of your project along the way.

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