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Manhole High Pressure Grouting & Smoke Testing of Sewer Systems

Ground water infiltration is a serious problem for many Sanitary Treatment systems. We specialize in having the tools to help pin point and repair the water infiltration. With High Pressure Grouting we are able to pump a special grout behind the area leaking which activates with moister and stops the water flow. Even with a steady stream of water we have a fast acting grout that will harden in seconds and close off the larger flows.

Leaks of sewer gas and water infiltration can be really frustrating to find. With our smoke systems we can pump smoke in residential and commercial situations and find where the sewer gas is leaking out or where spouting and storm lines are tied into sanitary systems.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our experienced professionals will guide you through your options after a thorough evaluation and keep you informed  about the progress of your project along the way.

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