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Pipe Coating Technology

We understand the importance of minimizing shut down costs and disruptions of work place or home.

With our Spray Coating/ Lining system we are able to spay on liners in locations that standard inversion liners would not be the adequate option. The Spray Liner allows us to line past fitting and intersecting lines and eliminates the need to reinstate (cut back in ) the line after the liner is installed. This Spray Liner option is a valuable option to use for leaking steel lines with intersecting lines that would require extensive work to access for reinstatement. This is an excellent option for vertical stacks in the walls and under basement floors.

We start the process with gaining access to the line and cleaning the loose build up out of the line with a High Pressure Jetter. Next we run different de-scaling heads through the line and open the pipe to as close as possible to original size and then rinse the remaining material out of the line. After that we dry the line with air to remove all water from the line. The line can not have any standing water when the spray coating is applied and also during the process. After the line is prepared we insert the coater in the line to the far end and spray on a 1mm coat on the line as we pull back. We apply 3 coats which gives a  3mm (industry standard) liner on the entire line. The Poly coating dries in 5-10 seconds and is water resistant within 10 mins. After line has been Spray Lined with 3 coats it can be put back into immediate service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our experienced professionals will guide you through your options after a thorough evaluation and keep you informed  about the progress of your project along the way.

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