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It's Almost Summer: Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

A boy drinking water from the sink tap
Safe drinking water?

CIPP protects against water contamination from lead and asbestos cement pipes, as well as providing a less invasive water main repair in neighborhoods. Cured-in-place-pipe, better known as CIPP, is a trenchless technology that allows plumbers to repair and replace existing plumbing by placing a liner inside of an existing line. The liner is textile permeated with a liquid resin compound. Workers insert this liner into the host pipe. Once in place, it cures into a hard state, forming a new pipe within a pipe, seamless and able to adapt to any pipe condition. Liners can also be added to tubes with several bends, as the liner is pliable when it is inserted. Once the liner is in place, it takes up to four hours for it to harden. However, once cured, this method of pipe repair offers many significant benefits to the areas which utilize them. This repair process is intended to last 50 years and is quicker to complete than traditional water line repairs.

Pipes using CIPP help to prevent water main breaks. The design of a pipe within a pipe strengthens the existing tube. It also contributes to offset any joints or gaps in sections where parts of the plumbing may be missing.

CIPP also serves to protect the water and consumers drinking it or coming into contact with it from harsh contaminants, specifically, existing lead pipes and asbestos-laced pipes, which can release lead and asbestos respectively through the water supply. Trenchless CIPP goes further to rehabilitate asbestos-laced pipes, as traditional trenching, removal and replacement of these pipes exposes them to air where the asbestos particles can then cause health problems for workers in the vicinity.

This removal process is also more costly and time consuming, requiring construction companies to seal the area properly and use hazmat suits for protection. (Learn more in "Asbestos Cement Pipe: Why its a Problem and How Trenchless Can Fix It.")

The Trenchless Guys can access your current plumbing and offer the latest technology in solutions, such as CIPP, and guide you through a plan with expertise. Call and receive a consultation today. (330) 362-3425 or .

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