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Minimal Digging Pipe
Replacement Alternative

Plumbing equipment for repairing lines and cameraing
We specialize in residential & commercial trenchless pipe repair, replacement & installation services in North Central Ohio communities. As a licensed company we have over 30 years of experience and all of our technicians are highly trained & experienced to handle all of your trenchless needs from pipe relining to pipe bursting.
Services we offer our clients:
Interior of pipeline

Lateral Launch Systems

Our non-destructive method of viewing and collecting data from pipeline interiors & locating drain lines before directional drilling.

Gasline to be located

locating for Gas line Bore Projects

We accurately locate the sewer before trenchless directional drilling.

manhole cover

We seal off leaks and restore structural integrity to leaking manholes. 

bursting pipe

Trenchless Bursting replacement

A powerful, effective method to replace PVC, clay, cast iron and any other kind of pipe.

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