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4 Items You Shouldn’t Put in a Garbage Disposal

If you have a garbage disposal, you have likely used it to dispose of something before. But there are many common items that you shouldn’t put through a garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals can’t handle everything thrown at them. They are very susceptible to damage and can easily fail if misused, which could put part of your sink out permanently.

What you decide to put down the garbage disposal will be the deciding factor in avoiding damaging your garbage disposal and costly repairs.

Here are four common household items to avoid putting through the garbage disposal:

1. Coffee grounds.

You shouldn’t put coffee grounds down the drain—period. Coffee grounds can take a long time to decompose. Coffee grounds are similar to a wad of clomped-up dirt-like material, which can easily clog drains and can even damage garbage disposal. However, coffee grounds make excellent compose and fertilizer material meaning you can toss them onto a garden for easy, clean, and hassle-free disposal.

2. Bones.

Although garbage disposals are capable of grinding up pieces of tough food products, they aren’t invincible. Bones are too tough to be handled by a garbage disposal system, easily damaging the blades and interior of garbage disposal systems.

3. Fibrous vegetables.

Vegetables such as pumpkins and celery have fibrous stands that are tough, thin, and easily tangle. A garbage disposal system can’t handle such small and loose hanging objects resulting in tangles and clumps of fibrous material getting stuck on the blades.

4. Cleaning chemicals.

Soaps and dishwashing detergents are fine, but the harsh chemicals used to unclog drains shouldn’t be used in a garbage disposal. They can easily damage the interior mechanisms of the disposal system, which can lead to a repair or replacement needed. Instead, most garbage disposals can be taken off from under the sink with relative ease, which allows for ease of cleaning.

Call the Garbage Disposal Experts

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