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Common Debris That Clog Your Pipes

When the pipes in your home clog, it’s a problem that can be difficult to solve. There are many reasons why your pipes may clog. You should hire a professional to resolve the issue. Read on for a list of some of the most common items that clog plumbing to watch out for.


Hair is one of the most common causes of clogs. Hair is stringy and can easily get tangled up in your pipes, causing blockages that are difficult to resolve. You can prevent clogs by making sure you remove all of the hair from your shower drain every time you shampoo, and by using a hairbrush before baths and showers. Hair can be really tricky.

If you have long hair and your drains tend to get blocked often, try using a strainer to catch your hair before it goes down the drain. This is especially helpful for those who have long, thick hair!


Grease is another common cause of clogs. Whether you cook bacon or fry vegetables, grease can end up going down your drain and causing blockages that are difficult to resolve. Make sure you pour grease in a can or jar and throw it away, rather than allowing it to go down your drain. This will take care of the problem and ensure that your drains remain clog-free.

Feminine Products Tampons and other feminine products can easily get stuck in your pipes. To prevent this, make sure you throw them in a trash can and not down your drain. These items are not made to break down in water and can cause serious clogs if they get stuck.

Professional Help for Your Clogged Pipes If you experience any piping clogs, whether from one of these items or something else, do not hesitate to call the Trenchless Guys for innovative plumbing solutions. We have been fixing clogs and clearing pipes for many years in the North Central Ohio area and have the expertise to resolve any issue that you might have with clogged pipes. Contact us today to get your home plumbing back to normal.You’ll be posting loads of engaging content, so be sure to keep your blog organized with Categories that also allow visitors to explore more of what interests them.

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