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Trends in Plumbing Technology

It may not sound glamorous, but plumbing is a fascinating industry—one that is changing all the time.

When you consider the fact that in the span of only a few hundred years, humanity went from using out-houses and communal baths to master bathrooms with smart toilets and jet tubs, the progress is astonishing. And, the best part about humanity is that we’re never done innovating.

Here are just a few of the most popular new technologies trending in the plumbing industry today:

Touchless Plumbing One rising trend that has people feeling like they’re living in the future is touchless plumbing. Plumbing with sensors controlling the faucet are by no means a new invention. However, the technology has come a long way from the spotty, frequently freezing or scalding, automatic faucets of public bathrooms and elementary schools. Now, sleek faucets with independent temperature control, “stay on” sensors and more can be found right in people’s homes.

Greywater System If you’re looking for a way to cut down on your water bill and your environmental footprint, this innovative technology may be for you. Taking the water you use from baths and washing machines and recycling it for use in landscaping or other applications that help it skip the sewer. This water is called greywater because it contains some residual contaminants like grease and hair, it doesn’t have anything too toxic for the environment like Blackwater (water contaminated with human waste or harmful chemicals).

Trenchless Plumbing One of the most interesting innovations in our biased opinion, is trenchless plumbing—that’s why we got into the industry. Designed as a way to quickly and efficiently solve complex plumbing issues and complete repairs without having to dig trenches through the middle of a client’s yard, trenchless plumbing is a win-win for everyone, including your hydrangeas. Curious about trenchless plumbing and how it can be a great option to serve your plumbing needs? Contact us today!

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